Jain Public School,Korba, CG.

Principal Desk

Principal's Desk

From the Principal's Desk

“Life is the best school, God is the best teacher, Problem is the best assignment, and Failure is the best revision”

With these inspiring words lets enlighten the innocent minds entrusted to us by getting focused on discovering, developing and drawing out hidden talent lying dominant inside all the students. In the journey between academics and co-curricular activities perseverance , hard work and risk are imbibed in the heart of every member. Apart from excelling in academics, we emphasize in producing good human beings with pure soul and service mentality emphasizing on sincerity & dedication.

Future Leaders, Professionals, Masters and Facilitators are groomed in the environment created in the campus. Modern teaching learning methods synergized with value based education not only produce competitive generation but also develop skills to cope up with the situation and manage emotionally, intellectually and economically. We focus on the holistic development of the child w.r.t. the taste and interest of the child by providing a platform where they can discover their hidden talents.

The life skills in the children are inculcated and appreciated in all level to boost up the mind and accomplish it to the highest level to achieve the vision and mission. Each child is the blessing from almighty with hidden talents, the need is only a moral support with the touch of appreciation.

With the hope of being a part of never ending show I request every member of JGI whether students, teachers, parents and management including each employee and mentors who are either directly or indirectly associated with us to focus on the aim of accomplishing the targeted goals. I am sure that by striving hard with full enthusiasm and confidence excellence will be achieved by doing best and surrendering to almighty for the rest.

Warm regards

M. Fredrick

Principal (JPSK)