Jain Public School,Korba, CG.

About Us

Our facilities


This citadel of learning stands in the most peaceful region of Godhi village providing the students a pollution free environment conducive for both mental and physical development. The school offers the latest techniques of education. The infrastructure has airy, well-ventilated classrooms. The health and the safety of the students have been given the utmost importance. Keeping this in mind the children are provided the safest, coolest aqua guard water cooler on every floor.


The school provides the most comfortable, complacent, pick and drop bus facility.


The fully equipped science lab has proved to be an asset and an important medium for enhancing the interest of the students. The various models and projects prepared by the students have added to the majesty of the lab.


The computer room of the school is well equipped to enable the students to have an access to the most modern techniques. The sermonic methods adopted here creates ardent learners.


The school has the pride and privilege of conducting the classes through Smart Educom which has definitely resulted in developing the analytical, erudite and intellectual capacity of the children


The library of the school has been filled with educational, informative, recreational and reference books. The school believes on the fact that the ability to perceive or think differently is more important than the knowledge gained. Books are the frozen thoughts of great people.“ We are shaped by our thoughts. We become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves” Quoted by Buddha So the children are motivated to understand the thoughts, words, views of great people who have left a pathway on the earth.


The Pre-primary wing is separated from the primary section keeping in view the need and necessity of the tiny tots.A separate play area and classrooms are designed to suite the needs of these tender buds.TheMonessori Method and play way method of teaching has helped them to be self reliant and confident. Here education is imparted in the most innovative way so as to develop a craving for learning.The foundation of education is built on strong pillars.


The dance and the music room in itself is filled with various musical instruments to nurture the budding artists and musicians present in every individual.


The creativity and talent of the students are seen pouring out in the Art room.Every nook and corner of the room is decorated with the creativity and talent of the children who show great enthusiasm in preparing and presenting art in the most innovative way,under the expert guidance of the art teacher.


The intonation club of the school stresses on the personality development and interpersonal skills of the students. They perform various activities that carry a message to motivate the students to move forward in life. The various concepts of languages are presented here which is engraved in their minds. This helps them to develop a better understanding of the concepts.Trendsetting games The children are entertained with trend setting games which does carry an educational activity along.

The School Library

The Learning Resource Centre( LRC), equipped with a varied range of books, journals and magazines on various subjects and disciplines, , our libraries are attractively furnished and designed to make learning a rewarding experience.

“Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow”
Book List Quantity
English   141
Hindi 105


Sanskrit 32
Science 141
Social Studies 120
Computer 40
Moral Science 24
GK 48
Encyclopedia 9
Dictionary 9
Magazines 10
Biography 78
Reference book 89
Stories 615
Newspaper 3
Olympiads Book 30